You have exactly 9 seconds to capture your buyer's attention. 95% of a message delivered by video is retained while 10% of text is retained. What are you doing today to make your business memorable enough to create a stable flow of customers?


storytelling  video marketing: The New Necessity

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Here at Digital Disruptors, our clients are like family and we only work with results-driven professionals who are whole heartedly committed to their client's goals. We believe that video marketing requires a professional who is an expert at understanding how to tell a persuasive story to a targeted audience that is compelling enough to move a customer to take action. Many videographers can film a beautiful video, but those efforts fall flat if there is no strategy to produce a return on your investment. It took us 6 months to find a videographer who we could trust. Thankfully, we found Matt Osburne, the Founder of 19 Production House who has high expectations and a deep commitment to be the visionary for his clients and the bridge that takes his clients to the next level. Ths is a mission we can get behind! 

Together we are pleased  to offer a video marketing package that delivers cinematic quality, filmed to strategically support your business goals.    

make it easy for Customers to choose you   
54 % of consumers prefer video when exploring a business. Choosing not to invest in video is a clear way you can disqualy your business from gving consumers what they want. Do you know why most prefer video? Video makes it easier for consumers to quickly decided whether your business can deliver on their expectations. Within seconds, you have the power to use music, imagery, and tone to create an emotional experience that can close a client with ease. That's why study after study shows your customers are more likely to take action faster than any other way your are presenting your business.  
Okay! you clearly see the value, but Let's have a Heart to heart! 
 Video marketing isn't a wise investment for everyone. If you don't have a clear vision for who you are serving and what you are selling, don't do it. Video content and marketing strategies are research-driven and can differ depending on your target audience, location, product, service and industry. We want you to make a wise investment! Furthermore, if you do have clarity and have considered making a DIY video or hiring your cousin's cousin to save money, consider this:

A professionally produced video builds trust and speaks to consumers who are more willing to pay for quality products and services. The biggest mistake we see is that businesses will create beautifully produced videos without any strategy to share them. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Website: You'll need to know where to place certain videos on your website to get the more conversions. 80% of your website visitors will watch a video while only 20% will read your text. 
  • Social Media: You'll need to know how to optimize your profiles and videos on social media to get the most visibility. 73% of consumers claim that they have been influenced by a brand's social media presence before purchasing.
  • Email Marketing: Adding video to your emails can increase your click through rates by 300%. This makes no difference if your customers don't take action. The right placement and call-to-action matters.
What happens when you post videos without a plan? 
 Just like every human relationship you have, first impressions matter. Think of your buying process as a first date. Wouldn't it be creepy if you asked for a commitment the first time you met? The second most common mistake we see is when businesses put an offer in front of a potential client without properly introducing the business or it's value. It's spammy. It's rude and it will always turn away quality customers. 
Placing videos depends on the journey you have mapped out for your customer. Your interactions should be strategically placed, tracked, and measured . Customers generally must have 7-14 interactions before they decide to buy, especially for specialized services or high priced items. In order for a customer to buy from you, they'll need to get to know your business, understand how you can help, and whether they can trust you. Business exposure interactions can be planned using videos which can be used to capture emails, gather leads and more strategically be used to convert those interested to customers.


How to Build a Package for Your Business 

Step 1: Pick a Video Package:

  • Option A: About Me & Business:  
  • Option B: Highlight Reel:
  • Option C: Both About Me & Highlight Real: 
  • Option D: Customized Package: (Varies)
Step 2: Choose a Video Marketing Package Strategy Plan
  • A-La-Carte: 1- hour Content Planning to ensure your Script & Topic is tied to a Profitable Goal ($99)
  • Option A: The Marketing Visibility Strategy ($399) 
    • Pre-Video Content Planning
    • A Highly Effective Strategy: Personalized Video Marketing Strategy with a clear plan to increase sales and leads .
    • Optimize 3 social media platforms profiles to ensure your business can maximize video views.
    • Review & improve visual branding across social platform.
  • Option B:The Ultimate Marketing Visibility Strategy & Plan Done-for- You ($)
    • Everythng above and all the services listed below:
    • Plan for strategic placement of videos on your website and SEO (basic) video optimization .
    • Email Integration: Recommended templates for emails that highlights your videos & instructions to integrate video into your email sequence.  
    • Recommend templates for posting to social media & video sharing
    • Optimize videos in 3 video sharing platforms and post them to increase visibility.
    • Suggest conversion points across online and social media channels 
    • 3 Consultations to execute the pland and adjust as needed
  • Option C: The Easy Peasy Customer Acquisition System Set-up & Training ($): This is a done-for-you plan where we help you set up a system to track interest levels of propsects using video and Hubspot Sales. We will set-up the placement of videos and you will have direct access to see when a prospect is watching your video, which video, how long they watchedand which interactions with your webpages they have initiated. We will provide training that will help you save time while improving your ability to manage and focus your time on acquiring customers who are seriously interested. This requires email and a $50 monthly fee to hubspot. Wet set-up all the integrations and optimize it based on your sales process needs.
Whether you decide this is the best fit or not, we want you to have the resources to make the best buying decision for your business. Take advantage of our free Video Marketing Tool Box of Resource
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