How we can help

Teach me

We'll set up your accounts, teach you every thing you need to know, and you take it from there. Sessions usually start at $99 an hour depending on the needs. Book a Free Consultation to chat about options.

Guide me

Are you looking to see better results within your current accounts? Initiate an audit and let us craft a strategy to help you set and measure progress. Book a Free Consultation to chat about options.

Do it for me

You understand the value of social media, but don't have time to carry out a strategy that will help you achieve the results you need. Book a Free Consultation to chat about the best way to customize your needs.


I don't know where to start:

Audit & Strategy $ 497

You'll get a full assessment of your social media platforms. Find out what your strengths & weaknesses are and how you compare to your competitors. Do you need a customized strategy to help your business achieve better results? Each business is unique and therefore you should never settle for a one-size fits all strategy. In addition to an audit, this package includes a customized strategy to help your business attract more leads and sales. This package comes with two free monthly reports so you can start to measure your progress.

Can we just talk? Consulting Fees $99

If you are feeling overhwelmed and don't know where to start, book an appointment. Every call comes with an action plan that will meet your needs or refocus you towards a plan.  We guarantee you will be satisfied or you'll receive a full refund. 

Help me measure results:

Monthly Reports $99 for each platform

Do you have social media goals? You get what you measure. When you invest in monthly reports, you will also receive a monthly checklist with tips based on your reporting results. Reports are tailored to your needs. If you need information on engagement, or which specific hashtags are more effective, then we deliver. 

Help me post better content & give me a system:

Full Comprehensive Customer Journey Assessment, Business Strategy, Six-Month Customized Content Plan  $799

Do you struggle with what to post or anxiously worry about whether your post will get any engagement? You are certainly not alone. Most Business Owners do! You just need an organized plan. We use proven strategies to develop a customized schedule of content so you won't have to worry abut showing up with new ideas everyday. We craft your content based on your target customer analytics from previous posts, and specific content from competitors, to make sure your business truely brings value and stands out. 

Automate Customer Service & Close More Leads Using Chatbot Automation $300-$700

Are you spread too thin?  Do you wish you had more times to close leads while still keeping up with your current customers? Chatbots are created to help you by answering questions for customers and potential customers, while also knowing when to ask the best questions to close a sale.

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