Review Bot 

The Easiest Way to get Reviews & Leads

What if there was an easier way to capture reviews, referrals, and leads in the place where most of your current and future customers are already spending their time. That’s right! Facebook.


Review Bot is enacted by a one-click link. It asks your customers and those familiar with your brand whether they would be open to leaving a review. If so, they are routed to either facebook or google for a review. After leaving the review, the chatbot asks whether they would like to keep in touch with the business by leaving an email and offers further incentives to leave referrals within a matter of seconds! 

Don't make it boring!

Rest assure we’re not your average boring chat service. You can select a dancing robot to deliver your message.

What about negative reviews?

The chatbot also has an optional feature that can offer to re-route reviews that are 3 stars or less directly to the owner for immediate attention, in place of directing customers to publish it.

Of course, I want to know more:
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