The 9-Word Email Every Business Owner Should Know

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

It's 2019 and email is still the most profitable marketing system you can build for your business. If you have not yet designed an automated, stress-free process to send consistent and interesting emails, chances are you have a list of potential clients sitting on your desk, in a notebook or written on a napkin from a vendor fair.

I know the routine. Don't feel bad. We business owners barely have time to pee.

So let's get you back in the game!

In the world of email marketing, the most effective way to revive an old stale email list is a strategy called the nine-word email. Keep in mind the primary goal of email marketing is to sort through the crowd and genuinely build a trusting relationship with individuals who are interested in your business.

This email strategy cuts to the chase and helps you determine quickly whether this person is still a lead or not. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Use the recipient’s name. in the subject line.

Step 2: (A.) Are you still interested in (fill in your industry or product)? or (B.) I am hosting a workshop on (fill in the subject) Are you still interested?

Step 3: Click “Send”

The 9-word email strategy is so effective because it’s not pushy, or controversial, and it’s completely customer focused.

As a result, it’s much more likely to solicit a reply.

Remember, replies are one factor that keep your emails out of your recipients’ Spam and Promotions folders.

The final step is to use the list to create a custom audience which includes only the emails of potential clients who did not respond to your nine-word email and run a Facebook ad to see whether those old leads still have interest. This will be apparent based on the clicks & opt-ins that come from that specific ad. After completing this strategy, feel free to drop people that still show no interest. If you include people who are not interested in your business, it will drive up the cost of your Facebook ads and email service.

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