Facebook Ads: The Right Way to Promote a Sale

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Have you been looking for a way to attract new customers?

Maybe you thought of offering a freebie or a coupon. You are in luck. There‘s an ad for that!

But let’s have a chat about doing this the right way!

Offer ads are one of the easiest ways to capture attention while growing an email list. Simply put, Facebook offers are perhaps the single most powerful tool in Facebook’s own Ads Manager platform.

How it works:

Offers can be set up for anything, on or offline. You must have at least 400 followers on your Facebook page to initiate an offer. You can offer three kinds of offers, in store only, online only, or both. You would essentially decide on a discount or coupon code or some other freebie that most people would pay for such as abootcamp, webinar, e-book, discounted program, etc.

Here is a sample offer below. Notice that you can limit offers to a certain amount of people and the amount of people who claim it is listed in the ad.

How a customer claims an offer:

When a user claims an offer, they get an email explaining how to claim it. That’s right — email, which is why offers are actually a killer online lead generation tool. Unlike the other Facebook ad types, Facebook Offers don’t just stop on Facebook. They move into the personal email boxes of those who click “Get Offer.” If you have been in the marketing industry for a while, you know that customers are attracted to businesses on social media, but the sales (conversions) usually happen in email or on a website. (Note: Facebook does not give you the names and emails of the people who claim your Offer.)

Don’t miss out on the real opportunity!

So let’s get real here. If you are running an ad solely to make a sale by offering a coupon code——you my friend are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Rather than use them to sell a $1,000 program for $20 off and earn just one sale, it’s best to get people to opt in to an email list as part of the offer

The opportunity to build an email list is much more valuable than just closing a sale.

Rather than send people directly to claim an offer, send them to a landing page to collect names and emails in exchange for something of value, like a free e-book, webinar, or exclusive discount.

Try these tips to make your ad convert quickly:

Tip #1: Run a test ad.

You cannot edit an offer at all. So if you are not sure about the content or which image or audience to use, you can create two different offers and alter the picture or audience each round of testlong. we call this split-testing. You can run both ads for a short period, such as 2 days and then run the one that did the best over the next 7 days. This type of ad testing will make your ads cheaper and more effective at reaching your target audience.

Tip #2: So let’s talk about landing pages because they are absolutely a MUST if you plan to capture email or sell a specific product.

If you send your audience to a website to shop without any guidance, it’s very likely they will get distracted if you haven’t been completely clear in regards to what and where to buy. A landing page with a clear call to action is MUCH better than a website for converting interests into sales because it requires people to make an immediate decision to opt-in or not. A landing page is a separate page usually from a website where you can present the customer’s buying benefits and clearly ask for an opt-in or sale without any distractions.

✔️This a must for an Etsy or EBay Page because you are literally linking to your shop with no retargeting options which is a huge loss of money and time.

Tip #3 Make sure your offer is compelling.

Make sure you are offering something that your potential buyers want at a price they will find too good to overlook. They have to FEEL like they are getting the better deal. For instance, 30% off is a huge discount for your favorite boutique and to some it’s a mouth-watering offer you can’t turn down. If you are offering a freebie like a guide, course, or cheat sheet. Make sure it’s something people would normally be willing to pay money to buy. For that reason I would recommend an e-book or free video training. With today’s competition, a checklist or short document is not as effective. If they wouldn’t pay for it outside of the offer, don’t use it.

Tip #4: Place your offer where it can be seen.

Pin your offer at the top of your Business Page for additional clicks. You’re already paying to promote your offer — why not leverage Facebook’s free tools too? By pinning your offers post to the top of your Page, you can ensure it is the FIRST one fans, non-fans and other Page visitors see, right under your cover photo.

Tip #5: Before running the ad get laser-focused with your targeting

Create a custom audience in advance. You should never be doing your research while doing the ad. Your targeting is by far the most important part of the ad because if the ad is put in front of a lot of people who don’t care to see it, your ad will rank. As previously mentioned, set up your targeting inside your ads dashboard and focus on age, gender, location and Precise Interests. Thinking your product is for “everyone” is unrealistic and it will cause you to waste money and annoy people on Facebook!

Tip #6: Get in touch with new leads.

After collecting emails, create a clear strategy to keep your audience engaged by providing useful and valuable information your audience would care about. Send personalized promotions every once in a while with a clear call to action. But do not use email marketing to spam receivers with advertisements or they will unsubscribe. For more information on ways to do this the right way, go to: https://www.yourdisruptors.com/blog/the-most-effective-tool-to-close-a-sale

Tip #7: A confused customer will not buy!

Your picture must be intriguing and demonstrate value for the thing you are selling. Your headline must be clear. Vague pictures without pricing or creative imagery will not work for these kinds of ads. The headline and the image should be so direct and so irresistible, that it gives your audience FOMO. No one should want to miss out!

Tip #8: Your Facebook Page Photo must be different

Keep in mind your Facebook page photo will be placed right next to your ad, so make sure they are different or it might divert viewers. Fix up your Facebook page. It should have recent posts that are helpful to customers. Avoid running the ad if your page is outdated or it clearly looks like you’ve invested zero effort in your Facebook page. It should offer reviews, show activity, and some level of social proof.

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