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Updated: Jan 22, 2019

What is the one feature on your Facebook Business Page that drives the most sales? The call to action (CTA) button. Recent researched showed that adding a call to action button to your Facebook page can increase your click-through rate by 285%. Each call to action plays an important role and should be used wisely to ensure this does not hamper the user journey and is somehow connected with the communication of the social page. I have defined the roles of the call to action buttons below. The usage may vary based on campaign objectives.

  1. Book Now – Can be used by clinics, hotels, restaurants etc. to book appointments.

  2. Contact Us – Pretty straight forward, to share your business/brand contact details. Be sure to link this button directly to your website’s contact page for easy automation.

  3. Use App – Incase you are a mobile app page or have a mobile app, to drive users to download your app.

  4. Play Game – This feature is a breakthrough for the gaming business, can possibly give users a chance to experience game demos or play the game online.

  5. Shop Now – This button can be used to drive fans to your ecommerce website. Doesn’t this sound like music some?

  6. Sign Up – Do you want to build a database of email subscribers? This is the best button to fit the role.

  7. Watch Video – To drive eye balls to the Brand/Business Corporate Video. I recommend uploading the video direcly to Facebook even if it is available on YouTube.

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