3 Things Realtors Can Do Today to Start Getting More Leads From Social Media

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Brace yourself. I’m about to explain a marketing shift that just might change your entire social media strategy.

If your strategy includes posting pictures of happy clients next to an oversized key or a picture of a charming house with a few buying facts, or maybe you are a chronic poster of inspirational quotes— this is approach that works for some. I’m not here to discourage success if you‘re happy with your results. But I am here to say there is a better way to acquire more qualified leads if you are open to changing it up a bit!

Embrace the Big Shift

Let’s make the big shift: Social media marketing is most effective when you use it to encourage interaction and conversation instead of simply posting updates about your career, or life. Think of a time when you were able to connect with new people. It was the conversation and common interests that lead to your new found connection. It is not any different on social media. Studies show that consumers want to make a personal connection with those whom they do business with.

It is not enough to simply show up. The days of posting pictures of you working or posting a listing or two might get you a few likes, but likes don‘t pay the bills!

Each post is a business decision. Your content must be strategic. So every single time you sit down to work on your social media, instead of asking yourself, “What should I post?” try asking yourself, “What can I post to inspire a conversation with just one person? What can I post so I can become more valuable to my network?” Social media is about everything you’ve learned in Client Acquisition 101 —It‘s about posting content that leads to relationships.

3 Action Steps to Get Better Results

Try these three action steps today to start getting better results:

1.) Create a Content Plan: Create a plan that includes real estate tips, community highlights, AND subjects that are relevant to your client’s lifestyle. Go outside the scope of just real estate because trust is built by interacting about subjects that are important to the everyday life of your clients. For example, if you have clients that are busy professionals, they will most likely be attracted to posts that emphasize convenience or ways to save time.

Consider how you want your clients to feel. If you are serving clients who are busy moms, they might respond to posts about relaxation, family time, or avoiding overwhelm. If you post about relatable topics (instead of making it all about business), new clients will feel more comfortable approaching you compared to others, especially if they have to make a difficult or personal decision regarding a real estate transaction.

To create your plan, draft a list of subjects that speak to your client’s needs and feelings and post content that is consistent with that list. Now this is the most important part of the plan: Ask questions and private message customers who leave a comment or respond. People won’t always respond at first. But consistency is key. The goal is always to start a conversation within and outside of a post. Interacting with people outside of a post is the (sometimes) forgotten step that converts new connections to potential leads. Don’t forget to measure results to eliminate wasted time and adjust your content plan. What content inspires reaction and connection? Do more of that.

2.) Post Videos, Videos, and more Videos. Videos are the fastest way to create a rapport with people. “Live video” is the fastest way to gain an audience and generate the most visibility compared to any other type of post within social media. There is no cheaper and faster way to build trust and become relevant.

Putting yourself out there can be scary. But your clients want more than someone with a real estate license. They want an agent who will protect their interests and help them navigate the complexities of property ownership.

Videos give you a platform to share your knowledge, personality, and authentic enthusiasm for their needs.

When creating a video, talk about something you are visibly excited about within the industry. It might be home decorating or home maintenance, DIY organization, but choosing that additional expertise outside of your current niche creates more reasons to start a conversation with you because you become the agent that stands out.

In regards to Facebook & Instagram, most don’t realize that Facebook gathers a list of individuals who watch your videos and interact with you. Through Facebook ads you can put important information and offers in front of the people who are naturally drawn to you, which allows you to retarget new leads and narrow down your leads to a more qualified list.

3.) Take time to craft a customer journey. The National Association of Realtors discovered 72% of agents felt their total leads from the web were lacking. There must be a clear process to determine whether you have a qualified lead and where they should go in the next stage of the client process. For example, what do you do with new connections? Are you actively building a relationship through email? Do you have a website that helps to actively convert interests into clients? What is the next phase for each type of lead and how are you creating a process to convert them into clients? There should be a clear path. Social media is part of that path, but only one part and using it along with a website and email list can help you gain new clients and increase your chances by creating multiple opportunities to convert along your client‘s journey.

Th National Association Of Realtors released a report in 2018, Real Estate in a Digital World. It‘s worth a read.


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