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Ours is about disrupting traditional marketing practices and simplifying social media so you have more time to do what you love! Social Media doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have already invested in it and didn't see the results you had hoped for, we've been there and that is the #1 reason we are here.

We Don't Believe in Doing All The Things
In order to arrive to a destination, you need a map. Marketing is not any different. When we first opened up our social media and ad business, we had an influx of requests for a-la-carte marketing services such as running Facebook ads or instagram contests, or random requests for keyword research, and along with the expectation that these tactics were going to deliver a magical influx of customers. But we discourage businesses from spending time and money trying to do “all the things” and instead, start focusing on creating a clear path to move people from being interested to actually purchasing.
We Disrupt Sprinkle Marketing 

Sprinkles belong on cupcakes and occasionaly ice cream. Let's keep it that way!  On average it takes between 7 to 14 interactions before a customer makes a buying decision online. With so many interactions, you might feel like your marketing is more like sprinkle marketing with a little bit of this and a little bit of that without confidently knowing what is worth investing in. In order to convert potential customers into buyers, you just need to invest in the right activities during the right buying stages. 

We Believe Every Business Needs a Plan

We believe every single business should have a clear strategy to lead potential customers to purchase, so we no long offer a-la-carte services. If you are hiring a social media manager, don't you think they should have a complete understanding of how social media fits into the buying stages, email tactics and web design using a results-driven approach before agreeing to provide services? If you are looking for free generic content calendars, DIY courses, or a quick and easy way to increase followers and likes----We are not the business for you. Our approach is always to start with an assessment. We first identify your current path of online interactions and help you figure out what is working and what you need to improve it.    

Schedule a Free Assessment

Do you know what your online journey looks like to your customers? Is your social media presence directing potential customers to make a purchase decision? Let us do a free audit with no obligation for further service. We have your best interest in mind and if we can provide valuable information to help your business thrive, we would be honored be a part of that.  

Not So Fast I Have More QUESTIONS

Q: Why does my business need social media and what should be our focus?

A: Having a social media presence allows you to connect with your ideal clients in a space where they’re already hanging out and show them what’s unique about your business. Social media is also regularly part of how your customers are making their buying decisions. With so many of our competitors on social media, it's no longer important to just show up and stand out, your sole focus should be to figure out how your business's social media can be part of a cohesive strategy that leads to a purchasing decision and a long-time loyal customer. 

Q: There are so many social media "experts" who claim they can get quick results. How do I know I can trust you?

A: The Digital Disruptors have learned from the experts in the industry and crafted a proprietary system (pending trademark approval) that is based on the latest research.  We have owned our own businesses and together have a combined expertise of over 15 years of experience in marketing, automation, and system design. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends by partnering with the Social Media Examiner to help them put on their National Conference, which also gives us close access to trainings from the industry experts. We are also members of Digital Marketers, Social Currator, and the Content Marketing Institute. Lacey Dodd is certified in Social Media Management. Elise Peek is certified in Sales Funnel Mastery as a Customer Value Optimization Speciality. We are always invested in business coaching and various industry related masterminds which helps us to gain personal business advice and ensure our services are assessed by a third party source who challenges us and guides us to become leaders in our community and industry. Did I mentioned we are both have Masters Degrees? 

Q: I understand that social media has the potential to make people aware of my business, but can I actually get new clients there?

A: Absolutely! A majority of small businesses are getting at least one-quarter of their new customers from their social channels. This is likely because more than half of social media users refer to their networks to research products and services, connect with brands and share information. 

Q: How can my business stand out among my competitors on social media?

A: Honestly, it’s not hard to stand out among your competitors because most businesses are doing it all wrong! They’re inconsistent with their efforts and essentially use their social platforms as a way to throw ads in front of potential customers. This is where we come in! We will create a successful social media strategy for your business by focusing on consistency, authenticity, and genuine interaction.

Q: Okay, bottom line: can I expect a decent ROI on social media marketing?


A: Having a social media presence allows you to stay in front of your customer base at all times, and is likely the reason that more than 70% of businesses gain new customers from their networks. When you pair a solid social media strategy with paid ads or boosted posts, the ROI skyrockets when compared to Google Ads and other more traditional forms of advertising.

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